Tech Help

MainStreetSHARES is designed to be easy to use, and only requires a mouse click. However, there are some browser settings, plugins, and software that may interfere with receiving credit for your shopping.

This page is designed to help you quickly check your settings. It's worth a read for all new members, but if you consistently have trouble receiving credit automatically, then you should definitely check it out!

Remember, if you ever get stuck, please contact us. We'd love to give you a hand!


Tech Help Quick Links




Virtually all reasonably well-known modern browsers are compatible with MainStreetSHARES, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and most popular mobile browsers.

Note that MainStreetSHARES recommends that you use the latest version of whichever browser you prefer, and that you keep your browser updated as regularly as possible.



Like most websites, MainStreetSHARES uses JavaScript extensively to provide an enhanced experience for members and visitors. JavaScript is enabled by default in almost all browsers.

To test whether you have JavaScript enabled, please click here.

You should see a message indicating that JavaScript is enabled. If nothing happens or a new browser window opens instead, then you do not have JavaScript enabled. Please consult your browser documentation or submit a support ticket for assistance enabling JavaScript.

Note: Once you've enabled JavaScript, please refresh this page before re-trying the test link above.
If JavaScript is enabled and you are still getting error messages indicating that it is not enabled (or nothing happens at all) when you attempt to shop, then it's likely that you have a popup blocker installed. Please disable the popup blocker or add to it as an Allowed Site.

Also note that many third-party browser toolbars have built-in popup blockers, which are generally unnecessary since modern browsers include their own. We've seen problems specifically with some versions of the Google Toolbar and you should disable its popup blocker to avoid errors.



MainStreetSHARES uses popup windows to send you to your selected retailer and for certain other functions. We do not use them for advertising.

By default, some popup blockers (such as the Google toolbar) may block such windows. You'll know this is the case if nothing happens when you click on a store's link. Please set your popup blocker to allow popups from

Security & Privacy Products


Some security or privacy products interfere with automatic purchase tracking through MainStreetSHARES. For instance, the "Ad Blocker" feature of certain Norton products can interfere with the MainStreetSHARES purchase credit technology and should be turned off.

In general, if a product purports to block ads or cookies, or otherwise "protect your privacy", then there's a good chance that it can interfere with the purchase crediting process, which also relies on cookies.

We absolutely understand and appreciate the desire for privacy in these times, however, in the case of shopping through MainStreetSHARES, it is desirable to have your purchase information reported back to us in order to credit your account. Unfortunately, "privacy" products don't understand when you want tracking and don't, so they generally disable it altogether, which has created challenges for some of our members.

Please consult your product's documentation for assistance in disabling this feature.

Other Software -- Including SpyWare, ParasiteWare, And Malware


Certain software known as SpyWare and ParasiteWare can interfere with your MainStreetSHARES account being credited.

SpyWare is generally downloaded and installed on your machine without your knowledge and can be detected with anti-spyware software, such as Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials. We suggest that you periodically scan your system, not just to ensure that your MainStreetSHARES purchases are credited, but also for your own general security.

ParasiteWare, on the other hand, may be installed with or without the user's knowledge and sometimes "piggy-backs" on other downloaded software that the user knowingly installed. This software can actually redirect your MainStreetSHARES account credit to the ParasiteWare creators' sites.

The list of software that should be uninstalled includes, but is not limited to, software downloaded from these sites:

  1. BargainBuddy
  2. BearShare
  3. BuyerSport
  4. CommissionMaker
  5. e2Give
  6. eBates
  7. Gator
  8. GreenThumb
  9. HuntBar
  10. iGive
  11. JambaFind
  12. Kazaa
  13. LimeWire
  14. Morpheus
  15. MyPoints
  16. NowBox
  17. SchoolCash
  18. ShopAtHome
  19. StreamCast
  20. SupportShopping
  21. Technology4Kids
  22. TopMoxie
  23. Upromise
  24. WhenU
  25. Wurld Media

Cookies Should Be Enabled


MainStreetSHARES and our featured stores use cookies to track your purchases. Please be sure that you have enabled cookies in your browser, including "third-party" cookies.