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Found 26 Stores

Store   Cash Back* Shop
Radisson Hotels up to 3% Shop!
Rail Europe up to 1.8% Shop!
Rainbow Shops 2.4% Shop! Shopping (formerly up to 2.4% Shop!
Ramada 1.8% Shop!
RapidBath 6% Shop!
Ray-Ban 4.8% Shop!
Reader's Digest Store 12% Shop!
Rebecca Taylor 4.2% Shop!
Red Roof 1.8% Shop!
Reebok 2.4% Shop!
Reeds Jewelers 4.2% Shop! up to 33% Shop!
Reiss 3.6% Shop!
Relax The Back 3% Shop!
reuseit 3% Shop!
RiffTrax 1.8% Shop!
Ripley's Believe It or Not 6% Shop!
Rite Aid 6% Shop!
Road Runner Sports 3.6% Shop!
Robeez 4.8% Shop!
Rochester Big and Tall 3.6% Shop!
Rodale up to 18% Shop!
Roku 3% Shop!
RoomMates 8.4% Shop!
rue21 1.2% Shop!

*In addition to cash back, you also earn a percentage of company revenue, based on your total spending each month!