mpireCovers carries a full product line of consumer covers for cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, motorcycles, ATV's, and boats.


About EmpireCovers

EmpireCovers has been selling high quality covers online since 2004. Located just outside of Philadelphia, our team is dedicated to providing high quality products to a wide range of consumers. Through our sister site, EmpirePatioCovers, we also sell patio furniture covers for tables, chairs, umbrellas, grills, hot tubs, gazebos and more.

Revenue Tiers for EmpireCovers

The amount you earn at EmpireCovers depends on the item(s) purchased, as follows:
Product/Category Cash Back Referral Commission
EmpireCovers.com Purchase - EmpireCovers Premium Products 3% 0.5%
EmpirePatioCovers.com Purchase - EmpirePatioCovers Premium Products 3% 0.5%
EmpireCovers.com Purchase - Default 6% 1%
EmpireCovers.com Purchase - EmpireCovers Products 6% 1%
EmpirePatioCovers.com Purchase - Default 6% 1%
EmpirePatioCovers.com Purchase - EmpirePatioCovers Products 6% 1%