39 Dollar Glasses.com was developed by eye doctors to create an inexpensive method for people to acquire high quality, finished prescription eyeglasses online.


About 39DollarGlasses

We use the same high quality materials, but can offer them at a high discount because of our high volume, since we don't have the additional overhead constraints (such as retail rent space, behind-the-counter employees, and expensive displays) that your doctor's office or optical must overcome. Since operating this website is much less expensive than a typical retail establishment, we are able to pass these savings on to the general public online.

Revenue Tiers for 39DollarGlasses

The amount you earn at 39DollarGlasses depends on the item(s) purchased, as follows:
Product/Category Cash Back Referral Commission
Contact Lenses 6% 1%
Glasses 4.8% 0.8%

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