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Fishing lures that simply CATCH FISH !

About zooxlures

I would like to introduce you to ZOOXLURES, our lures are individually hand crafted to ensure that each has the quality that delivers a finished product you feel confident in using every time your on the water.
Using years of fishing experience I believe that simple designs with attractive colors and live prey patterns is what produces fish. With this belief I have designed a brand of lures that simply catches fish.

Our Spinnerbaits are crafted using quality components. They are bullet shape which gives a more stream line profile. Each lure uses a silicone skirt with popular colors and natural bait fish patterns. A ball bearing swivel and a willow leaf blade is used which allows the lure to run at deeper depths and easier through cover.

Bass Jigs
Our Bass Jigs are bullet shape for a more weedless design.The silicone skirt colors are chosen to resemble natural bait and many other popular color combinations.

Other Interests

Finding people with an interest in fishing so i can introduce them to my brand of fishing lures