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Ditch Ebay altogether and join a community based platform to sell where there is no listing fee

To get more details check my post on BigCrumbs forum as

Don't wait someone else to add the page before you.


I joined BigCrumbs in NOV 2006 and as usual was skeptical whether i joined the right program or not which is why I didn't promote it for almost an year but finally realized my mistake and now i have grown my family of network and so the earnings.

Here is my earnings which doesn't include my own shopping and you can see i really have good shoppers under me for whom I am very thankful.

Year 2009 $512.83
Year 2008 $369.92
Year 2007 $72.83
Year 2006 $1.63

If you don't have a referrer "yet", please consider me. I will always share tips which may increase your referral base and so the future earnings.