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I have been a bigcrumbs member since mid 2011. I earn cashback everytime I buy something online. Please read this sites super easy instructions and policies and then sign up above. This is one of THE most awesome sites online period!

**Aug. 6 2011
I know the news of no longer being a part of BigCrumbs is disappointing. However, there DOES seem to be a way around it!

eBay Australia, & are all still a part of BigCrumbs.

Even if you live in the U.S. and you are making a purchase from someone in the U.S., you still may be able to get cash back through (Canada). I am a seller and I ship to Canada. So I looked up my items on and they are there since I ship to Canada. We could easily go through and search for what we are looking for. Then, go through and bid on the item.

Most eBayers ship to Canada and many ship out of the country. I just logged onto You DON'T need a different account! It's all linked so your user name and password works with any of them.

Don't be disappointed. We can still get cash back. I'm exciting about this discovery! Pass it along so everyone knows.

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