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They call me TrikkeDaddy.

That you for viewing my profile here at BigCrumbs. I absolutely love it here! My wife and I are shop-a-holics and love earning rewards for stuff. I have been in other programs but this is the EASIEST one I have been in- alll you do is just shop and refer. No pressure.

I know things like this work because here I have a FANTASTIC vehicle called a Trikke that normally costs $600, and I used close to $300 from the money I earned back from shopping! I ride this thing every day and people wonder how I can afford it. Easy- shop for all your monthly needs ([paper towels, toothpaste, hair products), and use that rewards you earned to put toward stuff like Trikkes and Gp2x's (another gadget I have).

As you can see, I love Gadgets and special stuff, but you know I couldn't afford them all unless I have a plan to knock off a few dollars here and there.

So, want that PSP, Playstation, trip to Bahamas, refer as many people to Big Crumbs, as well as shop here alot, and the points will add up! Then people will see things have changed about you and they ask "How can he/she get this or afford to go there?".

My fellow Trikkers say I rock, but I also need to roll to go forward. Spread the word, be your best customer, and things will happen to you.

God Bless,
(973) 362-0742

Why Bike When You Can TRIKKE!

Introducing....The GP2X Personal Entertainment System!

Get Calls, Get Paid!!

Favorite Movies

Star Trek
Star Wars
Indiana Jones

Favorite TV Shows

Star Trek
Stargate Atlantis
The X-Files
Dr. Who
Family Guy
Old TV Shows From The 70's

Favorite Books

The Bible
The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe
Star Wars: Phantom Menace

Other Interests

Trikking (ask me)
Shopping For Gadgets
Earning Money To Shop For Gadgets
Playing with my GP2X game system (ask me)