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I've been a member of Big Crumbs for just over a year and I just love it. You can't go wrong with getting cash back for your eBay shopping.

There has also been a section added for eBay store users to add their store name and listings for other members to find. It's a great way for eBay users to find out what you're selling.

Do you sell online? There's a new social networking meets eBay site where you can list your items for free and pay minimal final value fees. If your product is not listed there, you can claim it as a "homestead" and make 5% of the revenue from that product FOR LIFE. This is my favorite part of the whole site.

Get paid to search at

If you're looking for a new and different blog, check out mine at the following URL:

If you're looking for a place to advertise your blog or eBay store, checkout the about page at my newest site:

I just started a new blog about my experiences at Squidoo.

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