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About thecombsfive1

I am a former radio dj turned stay at home mom (that ironcially hardly ever stays "at home")... I am married to a wonderful man (10 years June 2009) - and we have three kiddos - my diva daughter and my curious George twin boys. I am an Ebayer - most that know me refer to me lovingly as the Ebay Queen because when it is tme to sell off outgrown kiddy clothes - I am the one they come to!

If you sell online read this (very serious warning about Child Predators and selling online):

While you are there, My Ebay ID is Kneehigh-to-a-Grasshopper and I have several guides on Ebay to help you in both Selling and Buying - tried and true, school of hard knocks tips that I have learned along the way - and I have been voted at Top 100 reviewer (current status is towards the top 50).

Also, I have a hobby that I picked up when I was a Radio Dj and a Promotions Assistant, I love to create custom photo invites/announcements and thank you cards - great for kids parties! Here's a small taste of some of my creations:¤t=44d4113c.pbr

I can custom design around just about any theme/character! I can set you up an Ebay listing, my rates are $9.99 to custom design for you, then you can either save money and have these printed yourself at your choice photolab, or for an additional $6.60 I can have (8) professionally printed for you and mailed to you with USPS First Class Mail + USPS Delivery Confirmation. Each invite after that is only +.50cents!

Just email me through my Ebay ID: Kneehigh-to-a-Grasshopper (link: