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Howdy! For all you newcomers Welcome to Big Crumbs!! You're gonna love this place. Hmmm, lets see, about me......hmmmmm....well, I am first and formost a God-fearing Christian woman. I'm a country girl from Tennessee. I share my life with the most wonderful man in the world, my husband, my soulmate and best friend. He is the greatest father I have ever known a man could be to his 4 children and to my daugher. The 3 oldest are grown, including my girl and the 2 younger one's live with their mom but come home to us every opportunity we get. Our 3 oldest are married and have blessed us with 6 grandchildren! So I am a "Mimi" too and I adore my grandchildren!! I love spending time with the whole family and planning things for all of us to do together. I have an online only consignment shop on Facebook. Here is the link for it and I hope you all will visit ( ). I have something for everyone....a wide variety of merchandise.
Well, that's all about least that's all I can come up with for now.

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Favorite Movies

Steel Magnolias
Fried Green Tomatoes
The Notebook

Favorite TV Shows

When I get to watch tv...
Nip Tuck
American Idol
Desperate Housewives
Gray's Anatomy
The Son's of Anarachy

Favorite Books

My Bible is about all the time I have to devote to reading other than online stuff.

Other Interests

My family...and those grandbabies!!
Internet (gaming!)
flea markets