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About specialK

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, am married, have two sons (17 and 21) and LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel abroad! Thus, I'm trying to work smarter here on BC (rather than harder in the real world) to afford these adventures :-)

My "day job" ?? I own a contemporary dance studio in my home town, and an eBay store. My store carries DISCOUNT Dance items, as well as fashion wear/shoes& accessories for women, men and children. Of course, there are always a few items in my "other" store category as well....just click on my store link above and have a look around.

Thanks for looking at my profile. If you are a referral of mine, add me as a friend and tell me a little about yourself! I'd love to know more about you. We can all help each other around here; and networking is always a good thing.
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As of June 14, 2010...
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One last thing: DO NOT LET YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY DISCOURAGE YOU! Your success does not depend on them and what they think, do or don't do! Simply press on and stay positively focused. :-)

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I'm here to help you grow your network and make money, so if you ever have a question, just ask.

My Favorite Stores

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Dell Home Systems
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3% Shop!
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up to 3.6% Shop!
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up to $60.00 Shop!
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up to 4.2% Shop!
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up to $9.00 Shop!
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3% Shop!
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up to 1.5% Shop!
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up to $18.00 Shop!
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4.8% Shop!
Vitamin Shoppe
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1.2% Shop!
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up to 2.4% Shop!

Favorite Movies

The Bucket List
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Elephant Man
Minority Report
Big Fish
Psycho (the old original black and white)
Devil Wears Prada
Shall We Dance
Walk the Line
Sweeney Todd (but I closed my eyes a lot!!)

Favorite TV Shows

Project Runway
The Office
Oprah :-)
Suze Orman Financial
The Dog Whisperer

Favorite Books

The Four Agreements
Lies at the Altar
Any non fiction investment strategies book

Other Interests

TRAVEL (Europe, etc.)
Broadway Shows
Music of any kind (listening, singing, playing)
Working smarter, not harder!