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"A strong imagination begetteth opportunity." -- Michel de Montaigne

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My name is Mac. I live in North Las Vegas. I have only here for almost 6 years now, and loving it. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and its no lie. There are so many thing going here, it's surreal. But living on the outskirt of Vegas, I would just admire the lights knowing that it's just right here. I like going to shows, concerts, and fights, so you can see why I more than like Vegas.

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I don't have MySpace, because I thought socializing with people across the globe without meeting them was kind of awkward. Besides, I'm on the internet everyday looking for a better way to make a better way for me and my kids (by the way, I have four kids). With BigCrumbs, I am able to make some money when either I or my referrals shop. And thats great.

I befriend Bernadette and her husband, Ron here on BigCrumbs and they introduce me to Yuwie. Yuwie is a social networking Web site (like MySpace). Yuwie is also free to join. It is vastly different in that Yuwie pays their users to use their site. How? With commercials ads (MySpace keep all the money from their ads). You must check this out for yourself. Please use my link ( My Yuwie ID number is 468677. So if you join, pleas allow me to be your sponsor.

As my Yuwie ID number may have suggested, I am about the 990K-ish person to sign up for Yuwie. That just means this social network is on a roll to becoming something big (perhaps as big as you know who). I use this forum to mainly share my picture to friends from around the globe, but also to network with other who is looking for opportunities to reel in some dividends.

If you already have other social networking site and decide that you want Yuwie as well, you would be perfect and already ahead of the game sense this site layout and interface is very similar. If you are new to social networking, my plan is to blog Helps on Yuwie and to rant and rave about my 'War' stories.

It has been a pleasure to sit down and write this out to all. I hope to see you on the other side (Yuwie =

Thank you for your time and God Bless,


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