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Welcome to my BigCrumbs site - a great way to earn money shopping eBay and other sites.

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I am nearing retirement and plan to use additional income from my internet marketing and eBay. I have looked for a long time for a real product to market (not just information) that most Americans need and will use month after month.

Ideally it would be something people already buy. It had to be priced competitively, and provide a large commission with just a few sales. I thought I would never find it but I did.

This marketing plan is buying groceries or a gift card to buy other things you would normally purchase. Personally I would recommend the gift card until the groceries are available locally to you.

You really owe it to yourself to find out more about this home business Oportunity if you would like to get your future monthly shopping expenses paid for. How much do you spend on things like Groceries, Gas, and Department Store purchases each month, $300, $400. $500, $700 or more?

Really you just buy the things you already buy and share the concept with a few others. In fact you could be making $300 in two months when you get two others to do the same.

Find out all about it at