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Big Crumbs is awesome. I definitely use it as a FREE ONLINE BUSINESS and am working hard to GROW my crew/team! (If you're on my team and want to get a hold of me OUTSIDE of Big Crumbs my email address is: rachelb5499@gmail.com)

I also have my own home business making handmade bath and body products. I haven't gotten an ebay store yet, but I'm thinking about it! www.jbinspirations.com (If you're interested in selling my products/becoming a rep for me. I pay a 30% commission. Please message me or email me. There really isn't much, if any, startup cost involved!)

I'm 31 & single. I help raise my two twin nieces (16 years old. yikes!) and raise my nephew now full-time (10 years old).

I'm currently employed full-time as a manager of a tourist gift shop and espresso bar www.oneloghouse.com and earn the rest of my extra income by other FREE online ventures like Big Crumbs.

I wish you ALL the best and if you become part of MY Big Crumbs Family/Team, I'll help you ANY WAY I can to build YOUR team so we can all start earning for our future!

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Favorite Movies

Bringing Down the House
The Mummy
the first 3 Harry Potter Movies

Favorite TV Shows

CSI Miami

Favorite Books

Ted Dekker Books
Frank Peretti Books
John Grisham Books

Other Interests

Self Growth
Do It Yourself Projects