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Just an old retired guy making a few extra bucks.

About oldbuddy

I retired in September of 2000 and discovered you really can make extra money online. I'm having a great time and use it to travel a little more often.

Big Crumbs is one of many feeder programs I earn enough from to invest in higher paying programs with no risk since I use free money. So far it has paid me thousands of dollars and it gets better every day. You can see what I do on USClickAds.com

Getting well known online goes a LONG way toward building enough confidence that others trust you to tell the truth and help them. I started by getting my user name well known and posting my photo all over so people recognize me. ALWAYS protect your integrity, it's all you have online. Then work on a high ranking with Google and other search engines so people can find you. Trust me, it works.

I hope to see you all online!

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Pay It Forward

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FirstNoBrainer.com where I connect with others.
SpeedPoint.com where I make money.