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Today is an Awsome Day!!! Why not make it better and Smile!!!

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11/10/09 Update:

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Well Heck! Lets see!! Not much to tell really!!!
My Name is Dave.

Hey if something is FREE... and there is no big hassle. AND IT"S LEGIT!!!
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I'm 51 yrs old. I currently live in the Beautiful Treasure Valley of Idaho.
I usually buy more on ebay than I'm able to sell. I've tried the store thing a time or to and haven't been real succesfull with it yet. Seems like I was paying more each month to list Items than I was actually making.
However........ Please check out my current auctions. I'm "old2dawgs" there also..

I"m Very Happily Married to the Love of my Life Esther. Between us We have 7 children and togther we enjoy 9 Grand Children . Already in our young live's. Hum.....

I Have Only 1 dog though. I lost ole Stripe a while back. (the Black one in my pic's) Man He was a good dog. The funniest thing to watch was him at the lake. He would scratch around on the bottom untill he found a decient size rock. Usually larger than my fist. He would dive in untill all that was showing was his tail. And he almost always came up with the rock. I didn't know dogs could hold there breath like that. It always took Him close to a minute. The Best Buddy a Man could ask for is my Chocolate Lab, Wylie. I have a constant shadow. He's my constant companion. An awsome example of "MANS BEST FRIEND." I'm really glad he picked me to be His Human.;)

I don't have the luxury of going to work each day anylonger. I've been disabled for the past 5 years. And I'm slowly loosing my mobility so I'm learning how to enjoy the finer things in life.
Like being the neighborhood old guy that sits out on his front porch yellin

Just Kidding! I really love Kids!! I actually have the oppurtunity to enjoy 2 of my Grandsons on a daily basis.

Thanks for commin by to take a look!!

Till Later,
May the wind Always be at your back...........

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Dances With Wolves
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