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Hello Newbie here on Big Crumbs looking for friends...

About ocreef

Orange County Aquarium Supplies www.ocreef.com - An online web store leader in supplying tropical fish, pond, marine, and reef aquarium supplies. We simply try to make as many people (including both our staff and our customers) as happy as possible. We've found that this can be accomplished by maintaining extremely great prices, providing friendly customer service, and simply loving what we do. The OCReef.com shopping experience is extremely user friendly, fun and informative, making the whole process pleasurable. We hope you'll become part of the OCReef family.

Favorite TV Shows

Planet Blue, Myth-busters, 24 twenty-four, CSI Miami, Just about anything Discovery Channel, Family Man.

Favorite Books

Natural Reef Aquariums - Simplified Approaches to Creating Living Saltwater Microcosms. by John H. Tullock

Other Interests

God - Christ
Hiking and Camping
Spending Time on the Beach/Coastal Areas
Marine Aquaculture
Studies of Marine Biology
Global Coastal Conservation Teaching
Car Buff - I wouldn't mind an Audi R8 one day
Online Retail and Marketing
Jazz Music
Personal Wealth
Good Red Wine
New Orleans
Soul Food and Chinese Food
My Pets - Mainly Saltwater Fish and Cats
LSU and New Orleans Saints NFL
Occasional Fine Dining
Art - Mainly Canvas Paintings
Travel - Mainly Coastal Areas
Leisure Boating
New Orleans Southern Style Homes
Number one other interest - Vacationing