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What doesn't kill us, Makes us stronger!

About minx267

A little about me....

I have 5 Dogs, 11 cats or so. A house, 2 cars (I LOVE my AZTEK) and a partridge in a pear tree...okay only kidding about the partridge.

I work 3rd shift as a "telesecretary" fancy word for I answer phones at an answering service.
In my spare time I fiddle a little on my myspace page www.myspace.com/minx267

I love Big Crumbs. I wish I had heard of it sooner!
Last year I bought my car on eBay and I just kick myself when I think of the money I could have saved. lol

In my first purchase here I got back $7.50, buying something I was going to get anyway.. only I would have gone to Walmart and you know what - They wouldn't have handed me back $7.50 and said "nah, you keep this- you'll need it for Gas" lol

I plan to make my purchases through Big Crumbs from now on!

You can also find out a bit more about me and my likes and dislikes by viewing my floral and pet photography and creations at


This is a great place for any photographer or artist amateur or otherwise to showcase their work.
Or if you just want to make some cool items from that adorable photo of your children or pets, or even your vacation scenic shots make lovely wares or holiday gifts, make your own Christmas and Birthday cards.

You can find me on Facebook and twitter..
under minx267

My facebook fan page.

I Love My Animals, Moonlight and Stargate Atlantis on Friday nights. My Aztek and driving it to the casino every now and again...
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Thanks for checking out my page.

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Favorite Movies

anything w/ Robert Downey Jr.,Billy Zane, Heath Ledger, Val Kilmer, or Alex O'Loughlin..
Grease 2
August Rush
really too many to name, just ask me..

Favorite TV Shows

Moonlight, Moonlight, Moonlight
Stargate Sg-1 and Atlantis
Paranormal shows = Ghost Hunters
Medium and Ghost Whisperer
Dirty Jobs
(miss) the Sentinel, Stingray, Roswell

Favorite Books

Anything Nora Roberts
or Lynn Kurland

Other Interests

Love to Zazzle, Photography,spend time with my numerous Animals and my Aztek "Crikey".