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About mamatito30

I'm a mother and a wife and I"m happy with that.
I babysit for a living and I love doing it. I am a christian and it is the biggest part of my life. I love to read and go to church and just be with my family and friends. I love to talk and be around people. Unfortunately I'm not around a lot of people that often, and LOVE to be on the computer. I am interested in earning an income online if it is truly possible to do. We'll see, won't we?

There is another website that I've joined that I really like. Let me tell you about it.

Big Crumbs is the authorized shopping program for Yuwie, which makes it real easy to get Yuwie users to sign up for Big Crumbs. I joined Yuwie right after coming to Big Crumbs. I have a lot of friends already and have not been there too long!

I highly recommend you join right now.

My Yuwie link is under my profile and views count! EVERYONE Is joining so join right now!! Its FREE and Yuwie pays its users just like Big Crumbs. This feature was just added to big crumbs WOW. So now you know its the real deal :)

My Yuwie link is under my picture so be sure to click on it and find out how Yuwie can benefit you.

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But the wonderful thing about having both is, your Big Crumbs sales increases Yuwies revenue, which increases the amount Yuwie pays its users and you are also getting paid from Big Crumbs, So in a sense you are getting paid twice on the same sales.

These two programs work hand in hand together. if you are on Big Crumbs then Yuwie is the must have social network.

See you on Yuwie.

Favorite Movies

Princess Diaries 1& 2
National Treasure
The Day After Tomorrow

Favorite TV Shows

7th Heaven
Murder, She Wrote
Little House on the Prairie
Beauty and the Beast tv series
Star Trek TNG

Favorite Books

Any christian or Inspirational books

Other Interests

church activities
Bible study