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Hi, it's me, Stan.

About majerbiz

Just kidding! My name is not Stan, but if you're a Golden Girls fan like I am, then you saw the humor in that line; if you're not, well you should be!

Any hoo, I just found out about BigCrumbs and really that surprises me because I'm ALWAYS on the net looking up opportunities! I can't believe some of you have been doing this for 2 years! My husband and I both work from home full-time and I'm a big time online shopper, so this is the perfect way for me to not get in trouble for all of my purchases ("But babe, we get cash BACK if we buy it!!"...I can't wait to say that)

I'm looking forward shopping and earning and getting to know all of you Crumb Snatchers:-)

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Favorite Movies

Any Harry Potter movie
Phantom of the Opera
The Little Mermaid

Favorite TV Shows

Yo Gabba Gabba (yes, really it's one of my favorites!)
True Blood
Ugly Betty
Desperate Housewives
The Real Housewives of Anywhere
A Haunting
I Survived
Locked Up Abroad
The Science of Movies
and so many more!

Favorite Books

Harry Potter
The Life of Pi
The Historian
there are so many! I love my Kindle:-)