lisawilson (0)

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Favorite Movies

None, Everything out there is mind filler & the only thing that matters in my world is God and Jesus Christ & waiting for them to call me for service

Favorite TV Shows

None, Thats why people are so bogged down & act like zombies and robots! So much trash and filler that people have no empathy or understanding and most do not even realize they dont believe in God and Jesus no more than they do Santa Clause, even thou you see them in Church every week they have not a clue and dont remember who was blessed and the history of all the Bible beings were... They were not the rightous or know it alls, they were people with flaws and problems, the weak, the meek, the hungry, the sick, people with addictions, and baggage ,but all were of good blood and good souls.

Favorite Books

The Bible

Other Interests

God and Jesus Christ.