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Notice: My sister, Kira married Brock Waters (also of Sigurd, Utah) on August 16, 2008. Now guess what.....we found out she was going to have a baby around the time of her wedding anniversary, but then she miscarried! Now she is pregnant again and we are hoping that things will go better this time. SHE is going to be having identical TWIN girls. Because of the busy holiday shopping season, I may not be able to respond to friend requests, bulletins, etc. in such a timely manner as before. Thank you. Honestly, I am glad this was not my wedding! Too much stress on everybodyI am so happy for Kira and Brock!

Also my brother, Troy and his wife, Sheena had their first baby--a boy- on December 25, 2008 (a Christmas baby!) This was Sheena's second pregnancy. The first one sadly ended in a miscarriage. Hooray for Troy and Sheena! I am now an auntie. Sheena also sells Mary Kay, if anyone is interested. Troy is involved in business called Primerica, that offers insurance.

My brother, Kyle currently has some chocolate brown Chihuahua puppies for sale to help him pay for college. If interested please call (435) 896-9493 or (435) 201-3336. Thank you!

I originally came across BigCrumbs through Queen Val's link in eBay Groups. Seeing that I am very frugal person, I thought I would check it out. I figured that I used eBay enough that even if I didn't refer anybody else to BigCrumbs, it would still be worth it. I am so happy I joined BigCrumbs!

I also have a Yuwie. If you don't have a Yuwie, you should get one! Yuwie is a social networking site, like MySpace and Facebook, except that you get $$$$PAID$$$$ to use it. From what I have seen, Yuwie is also cleaner and more family-oriented than some of the other social-networking sites, so there is virtually no worry about being bombarded by other people's comments about "subjects of a more adult nature" or "inappropriate" pics of themselves. The Yuwie people are very adamant about keeping smut off their site! They all deserve a big applause! I have met so many wonderful new friends on Yuwie!

For those of you who have already joined Yuwie, PLEASE ADD ME AS A FRIEND!

I miss the bulletins because I learned a lot of interesting and useful information. I also read a lot of not-so-useful information too. If you don't like bullletins, you could have opted out by changing you settings to "It's not okay to send me other offers." By definition, spam is "the sending of bulk unsolicited e-mails (UBE's)." Just because a few people didn't change their settings so they would not receive "messages with other offers," does not mean they can ruin it those who want to receive other offers. If you receive an offer you don't like or are simply not interested in---hit the DELETE button, not the spam button.

REMEBER TO CLICK THROUGH BIGCRUMBS BEFORE BIDDING OR MAKING A PURCHASE! We know that many members like to comparison shop online, visiting multiple retailers before making a purchase. What's important is that in all of your "web-travels", you click through from (or your QuickCrumb bookmarks) JUST PRIOR to making your purchase. In other words, BigCrumbs should be the "last click before you buy"!
With eBay purchases, please be sure you are clicking through just prior to bidding or making the Buy It Now commitment. Clicking through simply to make your payment won't cut it!
With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we wanted to make sure that you receive credit for all of your purchases!

Say thanks to soldiers in Iraq! God bless the USA!

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Congratulations to all the Grads and Dads! May your 2009 be simply divine!

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The last movie I rented was the Spiderwick Chronicles. It's great movie about how knowlege is power and with the power comes responsibility.

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I don't really watch TV

Other Interests

I like to raise Navajo Churro Sheep and llamas for their wool, which I handspin into yarn. I also like to raise tropical fish for sale to petstores.