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Don't Go Through Life Without Goals!!!! I've set my goals, have you?

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Update 12-17-15
I am so happy to have the community feature on MainStreet Shares! I feel like it was the main piece missing since the switch from Big Crumbs. A lot has changed over the span of my time with this company and I am now an accountant at a local community college, I have three kids and I am working on being debt free (oh so close- only one car to go)! Hope everyone has a happy holiday and a happy new year!

Update 2-24-10
NEW PROFILE PICTURE: This is a picture taken by me of my son's hockey team. DON'T GO THROUGH LIFE WITHOUT GOALS! Yes, it is a play on words for a hockey team but it means so much more then that. Make goals for yourself, strive for them and most importantly never give up trying to achieve them!

Thanks for visiting my BigCrumbs page! This is a great website with an amazing community of people. What makes this site stand out more then other cash back programs? The community, the customer service and the potential! At other sites you can get cash back only on your purchases and then the potential stops there! Here you can refer people and actually make money off of the money that they spend and the people they refer! Is this a get rich quick scheme? NO! It will take work and if you really want to make "free money" here you will have to work for it, but a little work in will pay off for years to come! How do I know this... because I'm living proof! I joined in November 2007 and I actively recruited new members. In August of 2008 I took a break and stopped actively referring members to focus on school and my kids, but my earnings kept growing! I am back in the game again and ready to take this to the next level. Join now and begin taking the steps to earning a steady income with BigCrumbs! You may start with $10 a month like I did, but with time it can grow into $200 a month!

Bigcrumbs is a great opportunity to earn a side income while shopping online and growing your network. It is one of the only sites that I refer others to and recommend to all. It is a great website with lots of potential, even if you don't like to shop yourself, if you are good at networking you can earn money off of other's purchases. We are already spending the money out there online, we my as well get something back for it. Join now if you haven't already! Just click on "Join my family" by my picture!

Update 01-02-2008
The start of a new year brings a fresh slate and I can't help but keeping thinking of all the ebayers out there who pass by Big Crumbs as just another "cash back" site. It is so much more then that and I appreciate it more and more since the very day I signed up. I can honestly say this is the best site I have joined online EVER. I am a member of Ebates, Moola, just to name a few and none of those have helped me as much as this site. The fact that it is free is one of the best features, another is all the great stores that it offers cash back from.

An update on my earnings, I am at $1092.56 since I joined 11/09/2006!

Update 4-15-08
Just received my Big Crumbs payday into my paypal account of $100.64! It is great to get a little extra every month! If you haven't joined yet you are missing out! What we did with our earnings this month; went on a night out! Thanks bigcrumbs!

Update 06-25-2008
We are moving! We finally are able to buy our very first home and we will be moving in about 3 weeks. Packing and doing all the fun stuff that goes along with buying a house has kept me VERY busy. I haven't logged into Bigcrumbs much lately, but it is great to see the numbers keep growing. This is a great site with TONS of great members. We've been using our month crumbs payments towards new furniture in our new house.

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Favorite Movies

Dan in Real Life
Erin Brokovich
Liar Liar
Walk The Line
The Yes Man

Favorite TV Shows

Crossing Jordan
Desperate Housewives
Brothers & Sisters
I love New York
America's Next Top Model
Real World
That 70's Show
Bret Micheals: Rock of Love
Suze Orman Show

Other Interests

Hockey, my 14 year old son is an awesome hockey player! My 12 year old daughter is very musical and plays flute for her school's band. I also have a baby girl born in February of 2014.