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About kal30314

I am the owner of www.kfrugaltips.com, this website is where I share my tips with any one that want to save money & make money. I am a single mother of 3 & grandmother of 1. I am self-employed & eBay seller (mskaylay). I like to read anything about Small Business, Do It Yourself projects & Self Healing books. When I have time I am Social Networking, Writing, Drawing & Painting.

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Favorite Movies

Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Independence Day, Rush Hour,
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight
The Batman the motion picture Anthology (1989-1997)
Batman Gotham Knight (Animated)
Sixth Sense
Live Free or Die Hard
Blade (all), The Perfect Storm
The Incredible, Matrix (ALL)
Why did I get Married (Tyler Perry)

Favorite TV Shows

Law & Order, House, Desperate Housewives, CSI, Lost, Criminal Minds, Grey Anatomy, Bones, 7th Heaven, Sex and the City, Lost
ER, Scrubs, Cold Case
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Grey's Anatomy, Practice

Favorite Books

Bible, Kevin Trudeau, Warren Jefferson, Yetunde Jude, V Lyric Parker, Sylvia Browne, Earl Proulx, John Gray Ph.D., Barry Fletcher, Steven King, Eric Jerome Dickey, Steve Harvey, Suze Orman, David Ramsey, Tom Szaky