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Welcome to BigCrumbs,

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I am 42 years old, have been married since 1995, and I have a beautiful daughter who was born in January 2001! I am legally blind but I have spent my entire life trying to show everyone that disabled people can do anything anyone else can do! I have been trying for 5 years to find a legit work at home but after being scammed so many times I decided to stick with what I know ONLINE SHOPPING!!

I became a fundraising consultant in March of 2014 to fulfill my passion of helping others and I have now decided since everyone shops online I can incorporate cash back into raising money for charities! If you need a traditional fundraiser please go to my website at and leave me a message!

I also earn FREE money from taking short surveys! AND

Serving God and helping others is what I am here to do so I pray that these FREE sites will help you earn some extra cash if that is what you are looking to do!

Share this site with everyone you know who shops online or even if they do not they will know someone who does!

Have a blessed day!!

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