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Hello All!!

I am happy to say that I am married to the best man ever!! We are approaching 7 years of marriage and one darling little girl who is a little over 2 years old. My husband is my everything and I must also say that he is my best friend. My daughter and I are sooo very close ~~ it is a blessing to have such a beautiful little girl along with the wonderful relationship that we have!!

They are my inspiration which leads me to tell you about my new business ventures. I opened up my eBay Store a couple of months ago and that has been going really well. As I was marketing for Kaye's Super Savings I ran into some other opportunities that I could not pass up.

The first one is for those who are really looking to make a BIG change in their lifestyle. We currently have a wonderful lifestyle but we want more!! We truly believe that this system is going to get us right where we want to be!! Please check out the opportunity and make the decision for yourself!


The second one is also going to allow us to make a lifestyle change but at a little slower pace. First and foremost we have converted our home to 'Green'. We have gotten rid of all the toxins that have possibly been causing our allergies, illnessess, etc.. As a member of this team we have been able to live a healthier lifestyle along with receiving a paycheck. It is a really simple way to create income and live a healthier lifestyle. Visit my website to request more information.


I hope that I can help each of you out so that you too can make lifestyle changes and that includes your income!! Nothing makes me more happy than being able to work from home and have my daughter playing alongside me while I work. It is the best decision I have ever made!

Thank you for your time & May God Bless You!

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