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...and the greatest of these is LOVE

About jellybn

Hi there! i live in Florida and moved here from Kansas about 3 years ago. i am disabled but can spend little chunks of time most days at the computer. i've made great friends on myspace & yuwie (not only friends but $$$) and i hope to make lots of new friends & referrals here! please join me as a friend on myspace and yuwie. my yuwie link is listed by my photo and my myspace link is

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I also spend a lot of time networking. I love to make friends with people from all over the world, learning about different lifestyles and cultures. I currently network on Yuwie, the first social network that pays its members to make friends! You can join free and be my friend just click on my yuwie link by my photo. I'd love to see you there and work with you on my team!

Yuwie pays its users just like Big Crumbs. So be sure to message me here so I can help you get referrals too! All you need is 3 to get 3 and so on to make HUGE money with Yuwie. Yuwie pays on 10 levels!!

The wonderful thing about having both is, your Big Crumbs sales increases Yuwies revenue, which increases the amount Yuwie pays its users and you are also getting paid from Big Crumbs, So in a sense you are getting paid twice on the same sales.

These two programs work hand in hand together. if you are on Big Crumbs then Yuwie is the must have social network.

i do love to crochet and have made some lovely afghans recently. i plan to post photos soon.

Favorite TV Shows

Boston Legal

Favorite Books

Anything by Jane Austen
Anything by John Grisham
Gone With the Wind
To Kill a Mockingbird
Little Women