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I heard a long time ago the phrase "It's better to earn a little off a lot than a lot off a little". Sam Walton, Bill Gates and anyone you mention who has become wealthy understands that. You can go work hard all week to make $1,000 on one sale and then you have to start over again trying to make the next one. When you work on Big Crumbs you wont make much this week, but you will be cultivating small customers who will earn you small commissions for a long time. Its called residual income. Your work now can pay dividends for a long time. It may take 3-5 years to really see income with Big Crumbs. I look at it kinda like a savings account. People invest in retirement and saving accounts for 20-30 years. Each month they deposit into it so that down the road they can see results. If you look at Big Crumbs as your long term plan you need to invest effort into each day just as you would a savings plan. Think long term.

The power of BigCrumbs is far greater than anything I have ever seen. Years ago I was turned off to multi-level marketing as I saw many people hurt. Multi-level marketing requires up front investments, recruiting requirements, ongoing purchase requirements, and so on. Unlike MLM  BigCrumbs doesn't require anything. Worst case for someone is they sign up and never purchase anything to get cash back or tell someone else about the program. Better case  they sign up and begin getting cash back on purchases they have already been making. They tell others and earn small referral commissions and on thing is for sure  no one gets hurt. No one invests a penny and no one loses a penny.

This may be the greatest program ever that allows anyone to realize the American Dream without risk, without investment.

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