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I am celebrating the big 5-0 this fall and couldn't be happier. My husband (also known as The Old Guy) and I have finally returned to Alaska permanently. He is retired military and I am just retired. I have a variety of interests and opinions on all of them. Or maybe I have a variety of opinions and interests in all of them.
I enjoy shopping online and love finding really good deals especially when I can share them.

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Bare Necessities
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Sally Beauty Supply
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Favorite Movies

Spitfire Grill
Fried Green Tomatoes
What the Bleep Do We Know?
Independence Day
Pirates of the Carribean (all)

Favorite TV Shows

True Blood
The Closer
Saving Grace
That 70's Show

Favorite Books

John Sandford
Lee Child
Stephen Hunter
Dean Koontz
Diana Gabaldon
Marian ZimmerBradley

Other Interests

Food - cooking it, thinking of it, eating it