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About gutterglitter

i've been a regular internet user since i was 14, i owned several personal websites as a teenager and in my early 20s. i found eBay in 1999 and have been selling stuff (mostly clothing) there and at other auction sites for 8-9 years now! along the way, i've spent a lot of time online researching everything from health to html. when i was about 19 i ran a free stuff site and earned extra cash by joining affiliate programs and promoting other sites, as well as participating in the "get paid to" programs which are not scams! (there are some out there that are, so beware and research them before joining! if you would like any advice about what are the best FREE to join PAYING sites from someone who has been doing this for YEARS, ask away!) i love clothes and the buying/selling process. i'm a wannabe full-time online seller.. always dreamed of running my own business from home, as well as designing and DIY -ing clothing, accessories and fun home decor to sell regularly. always follow your dreams- you can be successful doing what you are truly passionate about, and be happy and live healthier doing something you enjoy for a living instead of something you dread. you don't want to live your life with regrets and misery, and you don't have to.

Other Interests

diy clothes
pin-up girls
vegan and organic food
social networking
making money online
vintage clothing
thrift shopping