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I recently purchased 3 pairs of glasses from ZenniOptical for only $27 AND received cash back!

About equipped

I'm am a wife and mother of three beautiful boys. I am a true bargain shopper. I love to shop on the internet and finding great deals offline as well. I'm a "Bargain Betty" to the core. My passion in life is to teach others to become more independent and financially free using the income and debt that they alrealdy have. I can show you how to create the income you desire just by shopping online for the things you want and need anyway.

For more information on the subject, go to the "Refer & Earn" link towards the top of this page.

If you're not quite ready to join now (for FREE), you can still receive awesome discounts by using the "Shop" link on this website, at your favorite online stores, without any commitment or obligation.
Happy Bargain Shopping ; -)

P.S. Zenni Optical (one of my favorite cash back retailers) is a great place to get glasses for less than $30 a pair.

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123 Inkjets
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Favorite Movies

The Princess Bride
Remember the Titans
The Last of the Mohicans
The Count of Monte Cristo
My Fair Lady
The 5 Heartbeats
Imitation of Life
Magnificent Obsession
Tomb Stone
Total Recall
The Patriot
Brave Heart
The Last of the Mohicans
Finding Nemo
A Bug's Life
Monsters, Inc.
The Incredibles
Toy Story (all)

Favorite TV Shows

Design Star
Designer's Challenge
In Plain Sight
Wendy Williams
Celebrity Apprentice
The King of Queens
Everybody Loves Raymond
Tabitha's Salon Takeover

Favorite Books

The Bible
This Present Darkness
Piercing the Darkness
The Oath
21 Irrefutible Laws of Leadership
The Count of Monte Cristo
How to Win Friends & Influence People
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Winning in Troubled Times

Other Interests

Hanging out with my family and freinds
Going to my kids sporting events
Listening to a Variety of Music Genres