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X-eBay Store Owner and Loving it!

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Hello Everyone

I am an X-eBay Store Owner and loving it!

I have been with eBay for almost 10 years now, the last 5 years as a powerseller.
I have stuck with ebay through thick or thin but this time around someone blew a head gasket over at eBay Corporate Headquarters!

I don't mind the ebay fees so much, after all higher fees seem to be everywhere these days.

WHAT I DO MIND IS >>>>>>>>

Now eBay wants to dictate to me, my company and everyone else on eBay, what types of payments we can and can't except! Has EBay gone NUTS or do they just have HUGE ones? That was one ballsy move on eBays part!
Then shipping caps! Big brother "Ebay" Has waved its magic wand, once again, and magically mandates you and your companies shipping policy! That's Simply Outrageous! I won't even mention the mass hours involved in editing listings to comply with all this eBay magic.

What is next, mandatory ebay (buying, selling) uniforms for all members or maybe just our first born??

I am sorry Ebay, you way over stepped your boundaries with this one!
I think big brother has been tipping the spirits just a tad much!

I got only got "TWO" words for you eBay................

................... GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally there is a viable alternative to eBay.
They have NO Listing fees and final value fees are ZERO-2% depending on your account type. http://www.netkickback.com will zap fees away and you back to sanity.

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