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About craftymoonchilde

This looks like a great way to earn a little extra cash. As a Mother of 3, I'm constantly buying online, anyway! I'm also a seller on ebay and it works there, too. Hope it's ok to also put my website for anyone of interest. BLESSINGS BRIGHT!

Favorite Movies

Out of Africa
Message In A Bottle
The Godfather
Oceans 11
Pirates of the Carribean (The Black Pearl)
Dances With Wolves
Wizard of Oz
Fried Green Tomatoes
Field of Dreams
Legends of The Fall
The Big Chill
Stand By Me
Somewhere In Time
Knocked Up
Meet The Parents
Scent of a Woman
Sex & The City
Iron Man
The Shining
Pretty Woman
Romancing The Stone
Fatal Attraction
2 Moon Junction
St Elmos Fire
As Good As It Gets
Pulp Fiction
Planes Tranes & Automobiles
And SO MANY MORE...........

Favorite TV Shows

All the Reality Shows (such a junkie)
Real World
Deadliest Catch
Dancing With The Stars
American Idol
Big Brother
Really miss "Rock Star"~where's Dave Navarro?
The Sopranos
Sex & City
Y & R
The View
HGTV (Property Virgins & Design To Sell)
2 1/2 Men
Ghost Whisperer
Old "I Love Lucy" & "Mary Tyler Moore" reruns
David Letterman

Favorite Books

The Secret
A New Earth
The Scarlet Letter (for a classic)
Trashy Romance Novels are always great ;)
Anything by LaVeryl Spencer or Nora Roberts

Other Interests

Hugging my children every day :)
Tap Dancing (and all other types, too)
Growing Herbs
Candle Making
Cooking & Eating :)
Wine Tasting & Collecting
Listening to all types of music
Dreaming BIG :)