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I am so excited about this program! I only wish I had found it sooner!

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ABOUT US: (UPDATE: As of October, 2014, I am a Certified Professional Coder. I am currently working as a coding specialist at a major rehabilitation hospital in my city. Life is good!)
I am currently studying to become a certified medical coder/biller. I enjoy (on most days) raising my three children. When not weighed down with the chores that come from motherhood and caring for a home, I enjoy gardening, Facebook, church, family history research, reading, cooking, and bargain hunting for things I need. I also enjoy talking with family and friends and playing with my kids. They are pretty neat people!
My husband is a pretty awesome guy who loves me. We've been married 18 years and I wouldn't trade him for anything.
We have 3 girls ages 17, 14, and 10. The are my pride and joy! I feel so blessed to have them in my life (most times... you know how it can be!) They sure do keep me busy though. I am glad they are here.


Whenever I buy from stores through Big Crumbs, I get cash back. This is wonderful! I do these things anyway, so why not be rewarded in some way for it?! Why spend more than I have to? We all need to save where we can these days.

I love that I can comparison shop on the internet and get exactly what I need without having to drive from store to store, wasting gas, in order to find what I need.

Whenever I find something I want to buy, I ALWAYS check to see if the store is affiliated with BigCrumbs. It is nice to save more money than I might have otherwise.


If you like to get cash back on things you buy, thus saving money, then BigCrumbs is for you. It is completely free to join. I love that there are no catches with this program and no required purchases. It is just a straight forward cash back/rebate program. I know you will be glad you joined. (And so will your wallet!)
And if you naturally like to share a good thing with others, then the BigCrumbs referral program is a good fit for you. This opportunity is too good not to share really. Whether or not you ever tell another soul about it, it just makes good sense to use BigCrumbs and save.

I comparison shop too to find the best overall deal. And now with over 1000 stores to choose from and more being added all the time, I just can't think of a better way to save.

HERE"S HOW IT WORKS... in a nutshell.
1. You join. It is free.
2. You log in every time you want to shop.
3. You choose the store you want to shop at. Your shopping link is tracked
4.You get cash back and you'll also get a cash back percentage for your referrals' purchases and their direct referrals' purchases.

I suggest to any new member to READ EVERYTHING, READ the FAQ, And above all, enjoy this service!

My Favorite Stores

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Store Cash Back* Shop
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up to 12% Shop!
Advance Auto Parts
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2.4% Shop!
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6% Shop!
American Musical Supply
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3.6% Shop!
Checks In The Mail
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up to 14.4% Shop!
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5% Shop!
Easy Spirit
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up to 4.8% Shop!
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up to 12% Shop!
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up to $18.00 Shop!
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up to 2.4% Shop!

Favorite Movies

Old musicals
Documentary (yes, really!)
Studio Ghibli