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Now about me: I'm a work at home Mom, that is somewhat hooked on the interenet! Almost 7 years ago now I created my own business: Busy Bee Bags (All-inclusive Craft & Activity bags for kids) and created a website!! Ever since then I've been online quite a bit exploring all the GOOD things the web has to offer...then I find things like Big Crumbs and that gets me on here even more. (Big Crumbs is a Good Thing!) I am having a lot of fun with Big Crumbs :)

In the warmer months you won't find me on here quite as often as I run a Farm Day Camp program for kids and love just hanging around outside on our small hobby farm.

I'm happily married with two beautiful children. Fall is my favorite time of year ~ The perfect weather for sweatshirts, jeans, campfires and hot chocolate!

PS If you have kids in your life please check out my website:
All-Inclusive Crafts and Activities for Kids! Ages 3 and Up!!

Favorite Movies

When a Man Loves a Woman
Finding Nemo

Favorite TV Shows

Kitchen Nightmares
I Miss 24!

Favorite Books

Purpose Driven Life
Sink Reflections -"Fly Lady"

Other Interests

Crafting with Kids
Gardening, Farming - Horses, Chickens and Goats!