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Better is 1 Day in Your House... Welcome, and thanks for looking and continuing to network.

About betteris1day

I'm a huge music lover, and I play for my Church. Enjoy doing this stuff online as a hobby. If anyone doesn't know about this stuff, it's really easy and free to sign up.

Step 1 - Sign up through my link provided.
Step 2 - Sign in to your account.
Step 3 - Click on link from the store or ebay where you wanna shop, (link is located after you sign into
Step 4 - Pay for your item and in 60 days you get cashback from this site.
Use it for any purchases, even though you have to wait, it's money you wouldn't normally have. Then of course, if you want to earn money off referals of people shopping through the site, set up your own link and tell your friends and get paid everytime they make a purchase. This is a pyramid scheme, but unlike the others it doesn't cost you anything to sign up or use it yourself and it's basically free money you wouldn't have.

Im pretty much on here so anytime you need help or have a question please dont hesitate to email me at

Thank you for your time.

Favorite Movies

Back to the Future 1,2,3
Harry Potter
Batteries not included
Flight of hte Navigator
A knights Tale
Brain Donors
Monty Python (Holy Grale)
Mean Girls
Freaky Friday
Another Cinderella Story
Minute Men
Pirates of the Caribbean
The 5th ELement

Favorite TV Shows

Family Guy
Tru Calling
House MD
2 and a half men
X files
Hannah Montana
Wizards of Waverly
Cory in the House

Favorite Books

Harry Potter
A Wrinkle in Time

Other Interests

Bowling, baseball, guitar, music, playing piano, guitar, singing, church, movies, trying to surf.