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About annecs4005

I am happy go lucky, I have a wonderful life with my husband of almost 10 years and 3 beautiful son's, Wes 28, Alex 26 and Joey 21. All are grown and live a few hours north of me and my youngest son recently got married to his college sweetheart, and he is an Air Man in the Air Force reserves. My oldest 2 son's have live in long term Girlfriend's and I hope to have grandchildren one day. At the moment they are ALL only willing to give me grand puppies and grand kittens! lol My husband and I live with my elderly father in law whom I take care of 24/7 so he does not have to live in an assisted living facility, but I am looking forward to getting back into working in my career in an actual Salon after taking care of him for the last 2 years.

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Bed Bath and Beyond
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Columbia Sportswear
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Dooney & Bourke
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Nina Shoes
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Sally Beauty Supply
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The Body Shop
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Favorite Movies

Gone with the Wind
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
Ice Age (all of them)
Twilight Saga
Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them)
Most Disney movies
most anything with Johnny Depp

Favorite TV Shows

Hell's Kitchen
Master Chef
Master Chef Junior
Kitchen Nightmare's
Hotel Hell
Red Band Society

Favorite Books

Any and All Stephen King Novels
If I stay
The fault in our stars
Twilight Series
Fifty Shades of Grey Series
Flower's in the Attic series
Angels and Demons
Left Behind
Haunting of Sally House

Other Interests

My career in Cosmetology is what I love Most
Nature walks
Vacations at the condo at the beach in Florida
Going out to the movies
Hanging out with Family and Friends
Karaoke with Friends
Game Play with family and friends