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I'm a real stay at home mom, who really wants to continue to stay at home!

About ZackarysMom

I am married to a very hard working, great man and we had our first baby in late Aug. '07 Zackary Robert and our second Vayda Raine in late June '09 they are both the apple in their daddys eye and I am so amazed at being a mom! Every day I am so...just amazed! I have a new found respect for every Mother! It's harder than I ever imagined and I've never known such true love and joy in my heart. My heart runith over every day...even the challenging ones! I now truly know the meaning of unconditional love!

I can't imagine sending them to day care and that is why I am working at home doing several FREE referral sites that can help you stay home to! Please check out

Thank you and God Bless!!!!

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Favorite Movies

Heart and Souls
Pay it forward
Liar Liar
Blind Side

Favorite TV Shows

Kitchen Nightmares
Hell's Kitchen
American Idol

Favorite Books

Holy Bible (Amplified Version w/notes & commentary by Joyce Meyer) This is the best Bible ever!
Cook Yourself Thin
Any book that encourages spiritual and
self growth

Other Interests

Being Healthy