I am sharing with you from the beginning two sayings that are a great things to smile about! 1. If you force yourself to smile when you are not in a good mood you will become happier. 2. Indoor plumbing. Humor helps us to understand the most amusing to us.

Humanity and Human Rights=the promise of the sun. Humanity should not be casted down. I believe in helping the less fortunate and putting smiles on the face of humanity. I believe in being wise with our money and getting the most out of our hard earned money.

I believe in recycling our environment. I am vickysplace1- a store on ebay and a store (books)--Go Green!
BigCrumbs members this is how you use this great service to the fullest. Everyone, lets earn money when we shop. ALWAYS, ALWAYS login to your BigCrumbs account before starting your shopping. Mark BigCrumbs in your bookmark for "eBay" and save stores in your FAV for quick access. And: REFER EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Your friends & family are counting on you! They will want to earn money shopping too!

Directions for BookMarking:
1. Click Shopping
2. Click Retail Store
3. Click
4. Click Quick Crumb
5. Follow Direction to add to BookMark

And, please replace your a generic camera photo with a picture to express yourself, family, flowers, landscape, logo or----It looks so much better and jazzes your image up to others.

My Favorite Stores

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Favorite Movies

Winds of war and war of remembrance

Favorite TV Shows

Boston legal
Ghost Whispers
Dancing with the stars
American Idol

Favorite Books

Check out vickyspalce1 on for listed books to buy. I am an avid reader.
Harry Potter

Other Interests

I love Treasure Hunting, and blogging. Check out my blog on:
I love photography and making items on: