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About PinkKittenBeads

I MAKE REALLY COOL JEWELRY ~ I started making Jewelry in college and I opened a retail bead store when I was 25. Running the retail store took over my life! So I closed the store in 2001 and moved to Oklahoma City in 2003.

Oklahoma City has inspired me and I began making jewelry again. COME HAVE A LOOK AT MY WEBSITE. I have developed a product line called Beaded Zoinks, which consists of a variety of little characters with personality.

Seeing different aspects of American culture has been rewarding and refreshing to my spirit and my art. I have lived in Central and So Cal, Oklahoma City, Tennessee, Atlanta and Oregon.

I am inspired by vintage architecture ~ 20's to 50's.

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Favorite Movies

Anything with Period Dress / Architecture * Historic Pieces * I am fascinated by anything about Rome / Roman Culture or POMPEII specifically

Favorite TV Shows

life sucking box

Favorite Books

* White Oleander
* The Continuum Concept ~ if you want to self actualize this is a must read
* What You Feel You Can Heal by John Gray
* The Magic Of Believing
* As A Man Thinketh
* KJV Bible