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If You Watch Your Pennies the Dollars Will Take Care of Themselves .......and Big Crumbs will help !

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Thanks for checking out my page!

My busy life is a good one and I'm very fortunate to have the people I love in my life, Family & Friends.

I have family here in Florida, in Iowa, in Texas, in Colorado, Tennessee and in Long Island.

I've been a Big Crumbs user for about 5 years now and although my Earnings aren't topping the charts just yet, I am very happy with the extra funds that go into my account when I shop all my favorite stores by shopping / clicking thru Big Crumbs to get to them......its as easy at that.
LOVE IT !!! .......I'm finally remembering to use it and it's really starting to pay off in a good savings!

If you are here to check out Big Crumbs, Please take a good look around!

This is my personal profile page. I may have brought you here first, to give you some info and insight into this wonderful tool.

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Make sure you take a look at ' FAQ's ' at the top right corner of the page.....take some time and review this whole area and this should answer any questions you may have.
{ For my friends: Don't just take my word for it from what I emailed you, but review the site and it won't take long for you to see this is so simple }

BIG CRUMBS IS MY FIRST STOP WHEN PURCHASING ON THE INTERNET!! Taking me to all my Favorite Stores: Home needs, Office Supplies, BOOKING AIRFARE....HOLIDAY GIFTS, ETC,....BIG CRUMBS FIRST connecting my thru to earning my cash back!

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Got a catchy name to use for your (User ID) Member Name? I love to take pics, that's why I chose Photogirl.....and it's easy for me to remember when logging in.
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UPDATE: June 2013
Office Depot again & again.
AVON & my sister gets her rep credit also!
UPDATE: June 2011 , purchased one of my favorite shoes: Shox .,,,,,, 6% cash back on total purchase !!
UPDATE: April 2011
9.5% cash back on my total purchase !!
Update!! Nov 2, 2010
Congrats to Me from BIGCRUMBS !! :

Thank you for participating in the Holiday Spending Research
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** Just another reason to LOVE THIS SITE !! ;-)
Office Supplies for business; new beadspread; new sandals; Mothers Day Flowers; Birthday presents, Christmas, etc....and all my essentials !

Birthdays, Anniversary's, Whatever your personal needs are, BIG CRUMBS SAVE YOU $$.........and if you love to shop, like me, you know there are a lot of items you don't need to have your 'hands-on' in the store to, go on-line to your favorite stores thru BigCrumbs and get paid cash back when you shop.

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BigCrumbs connects you with some of the best DEALS & COUPONS found online.
I got a great deal when purchasing a baby shower gift from TARGET. The coupon came up and I saved $10, since I went to BigCrumbs 1st and then the Target Store site!! $$

Favorite Movies

Old: Harvey
New: IronMan

Favorite TV Shows

Pushing Daisies (waiting for the new season!)
Criminal Minds

Favorite Books

"Nook"....lots of books

Other Interests

Snow Skiing
..all those things there's usually no time for !