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Hello from North Central Wisconsin

About NatalieJo

I Reach my Goal weight 1-25-10 with a loss of -80 lbs. Because this program works I have become a Health Coach and I now work with clients for FREE and help them get back to good health.
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I'm a married stay at home Mom of three almost grown children. The nest is starting to empty. For the past 20 years I took on jobs I could do from home so I could be here for our kids.

I'm a creative person and enjoy trying new crafts. I'm always reading something that will teach me new lessons. I couldn't live without my computer for more than a week.

I work hard trying to save us money. I'm a bargain hunter and love passing along the information via my blog. and also thru videos on YouTube

I have a hard time staying focused on just one project so I have a lot of things going all the time.

If you are looking for a referrer I would love to have you join my group. We can grow together. NatalieJo

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Favorite Movies

I don't really watch many movies. I'm more of a reader I guess.

Favorite TV Shows

HGTV Shows
TLC Shows

Favorite Books

I love Books, that teach me how to do something. I'm not into novels or fiction.

Other Interests

I love many different crafts and have tried them all. The computer and my other businesses take up my free time now but I still get to play around a little with photography, digital graphics and layouts.

I have been working on videos for YouTube with a money saving theme.

I also enjoy sharing ways to save money on my blog.