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Here is something about me and Critters Of Love: I was born in Monroe,La to a wonderful father who raised me ,I had three brothers.Two have gone to meet the lord and one lives in Huston ,Texas now. I started saving horses in 1988 first one I saved lived to the age of 36 which then had to be put down due to going blind and wouldn`t eat.That day was a sad day on my rescue farm but when Forrest closed his eyes laying in my arms all my other personal horses and rescue horses layed down too .It was strange not having Forrest around after that day but he is in a better place running free with no pain and seeing everything again. The most horses I had saved in a year`s time would total over 465 .Now since being sick I don`t rescue too many and still have a few I save now and then. I started saving dogs last year[2007] after going to the next towns Animal Shelter.Those dogs do not have a chance to live a new life they are put down in a gas room every Monday.And the lady who runs it hate`s cats so the cats their never have a chance to live with someone else. I live in Jefferson Parish until Katrina hit and move to Alabama after that I lost a lot just like many others.I am home sick and maybe one day will be able to go back to live their.I have lived in a few places before settling down in Alabama.Which they were in Kentucky and Georgia. Everything I sell goes towards my animals and their vet care and buying food for them. I am private rescue place and not a non profit one due to it cost too much to get this and I like it the way it is now being private I have more freedom to rescue what kind of dogs that need to be rescued and the IRS is not involved due to the fact I do not suppost to work with my many health problems. I also show in western plessure with my arabain mare which I saved her when she was 2 years old and paid $25.00 for her .She was skin and bones headed to a slaughter house.Now going on 10 years old she is my pride and joy. I also have two dogs which were also rescue dogs.Prissy she is now going on 11 years old she is a Yorkshire Terrier I had her now going on 9 years she was rescued off a major highway ,and no body claimed her. I just saved this year a 10 month old American Pit Bull dog.She was straving to death and had her hair falling out. She has been adopted out 4 times now but has always been brought back to me,they said she wouldn`t eat.So Sassy will stay with me until her time to go across the rainbow bridge.She is the most playful dog I have had and eats find with me.Watches over me too. She loves kids and been even swimming with them.Gets along great with the horses too. Well I could carry on and on but will end this now with a warm thought be thank ful to everything you have and get in life cause life we never really know if we have another day to carry on our jobs. Your friend Sara,Sassy,Prissy

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