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My name is Penny and I live in Northern Michigan, in the country, with my husband Sam. All our children are grown and have families of their own.

I found out about the big crumbs program from a friend when I was told I could receive money when I made a purchase from EBay ( 36% of fee cash back )or from the stores that participate on the big crumb site itself. Savings from as little as 2.7% to as high as 10.8%. And not only from my own purchases but from my referrals purchases! All summer long I have recieved an amount each month that is transfered right into my PayPal account! And I do nothing. I receive an email stating the amount I have earned for that month.
Please, sign up for this great bigcrumbs program.
Take a look at one of my referrals. Her online name is coinsncandles. Her photo and name are farther down on the left. She has been doing a great job and earnes mostly from her referrals. It is a great way to earn even though you do not shop much. Please be sure to come back and sign up under my name so we can both be in the same referral program. Thank You.

I also sell on eBay as a way to pass the time as I am retired. I mostly sell only in the fall and winter as I love to be outside when the weather is nice.
I live every day thankfull for my wonderfull family and friends. They are worth more to me than all the money in the world. Also, that I am in reasonably good health.

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David's Cookies
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Favorite Movies

Conager staring Sam Elliot
Dance with Wolves
The Last of the Dogmen
Quigley Down Under
The Horse Whisperer
City of Angels

Favorite TV Shows

Without a Trace
Wheel of Fortune

Favorite Books

Any Zane Grey books
Any Western books
Bird or gardening books
Any Do It Yourself Books

Other Interests

Going to garage sales and finding great buys!
Being with my horse
Spending time in the woods picking wild berries
Walking on our many two-tracks
Photographing wildlife
Woodworking and woodburning wildlife