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About GrannySuze

Hello All ! I'm GrannySuze. I fancy myself to be somewhat of an actress and singer and entrepreneur and I'm also a retired Navy Chief Yeoman.

I've had my website for several many years ... well, almost to the day that I became a Granny ... let's see ... she's 8. No, wait. She's SIZE 8. Yes, she's 8 years old. My Princess Tyler Michelle.

And I've just been blessed with another grandchild ... a fine, strapping young man ... Michael Ian. Weighing in at 7 pounds even and full of charm and gas. Just like his daddy. lol

I have my own candle distributorship and I do professional fundraising for small groups and individuals. I try to give away at least 6 candles a month. (ask me)

I'm a Proud Army Mom-in-Law and focus a lot of my efforts supporting our troops and asst managing a large group of Proud Army Moms on line (

Thank you for coming to view my profile, something must have peaked your interest to get you this far, so I'll ask you to stop for a second and say a prayer for all the young people who are serving our country in the military so that we have the opportunity to do what we want when we want.

Politics don't matter ~ People do.

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Favorite Movies

Erin Brokovich
Steel Magnolias
Schindler's List
Funny Girl

Favorite TV Shows

West Wing Long gone, but it's still my favorite
Greys Anatomy
Private Practice
The Closer
Army Wives

Favorite Books

James Michener
Tom Clancy
John Jakes
All of the books ever written by the above authors

Other Interests

Musical Theater
Community Theater
Work at home networking