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Hello there:

If you signed up under me...or under someone under me...or..well you get it. I STRONGLY encourage you to either make sure to come to BIGCRUMBS.COM first, sign in and then link to where you plan to shop.....OR get others to sign up under YOU! Its an easy way to make or save money without really doing anything. YOU CAN DO IT!

Some people ask me " how do I have so many referrals"..well most of them I got off of my ebay auctions (I include a referral link on each one!) or from message boards or chat rooms..any way I can! I find ebay works the best though! Also, most of my "downline" is from a couple of referrals who are really building their own lines! Good job guys! Its a win/win situation and I encourage you all to SHOP SHOP SHOP and REFER REFER REFER!