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Hi! My name is Sherry aka Tdalton912 on Ebay. If you are new here, Welcome! I accidentally ran across Big Crumbs at the end of 07' and boy do I wish I would of found them a lot sooner! Not only do I shop daily on Ebay, but I am also an Ebay Power Seller with a Store. If you shop Ebay, or other reputable online retailers, you have come to the right place! Big Crumbs offer the highest cash back rewards for your shopping on the net! They pay us monthly thru Paypal like clockwork, and you never have to worry about requesting your payment! The staff here are just Super! If you have any questions about Big Crumbs, please do not hesitate to send me a note!

I have just started a new blog that is ALL ABOUT EBAY. Here, I discuss, Power Seller strategies, what to sell on Ebay, Where to find items to sell on Ebay, Money savings tips, and More! Feel free to check it out;


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Also, since joining Big Crumbs, I have ran across a co-crumber that has offered some excellent, trustworthy advice on internet marketing and promotion! If you get a moment, please visit his website at www.Mortimas.com.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them my way!

Good Luck and Happy Crumbing!

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