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If you are like most people, a few extra bucks a month couldn't hurt you right?
What if you could make enough money to pay for your monthly vehicle gas bill by barley even lifting a finger? Or even enough money to pay your electric bill each month?

I normally don't start off by introducing myself with questions, however in these hard times many people are searching for these answers including myself!

My name is Daniel Sanchez,
I am new to BIG CRUMBS and thought I would not only share some ideas and tips to save/make money online/offline, but also include you men/ladies as a networking community to bump our thoughts, tips, and ideas off each other.
If you seem intrested and would like to join, it is easy!

If you are new to BigCrumbs and would like to share in saving please cut and paste the link below in your address bar:


Or signup and use ELDreams as your referrer.

If you are an existing member and would like to share your ideas or even own experiences please feel free and join in!

If you have made it through the few paragraphs that I have written, well I would like to thank you. I would like to thank you for taking your time in reading my profile, and keep checking back for any updates.

Remember I am new to BIGCrumbs, but not new to these sites and saving money. I have recently joined, so be the first under me! And we will grow/test together!

Note: Do not forget to check your messages after you join, I usually send a welcome message and bulletins with advice and saving tips!

EBAY LINK: http://myworld.ebay.com/motear

Starting every Saturday I will be sending out tips through bulletins to everyone in my network. I will also be sending out special offers and tips to those people whom have referred me.
04/09/2009 Setting up office! And I have broken my 100 referral marker. Yay!
03/31/2009 You're probably wondering where I've been? I've been custom designing my website (all about expansion) ;o)
02/06/2009 In negotiations to expand ELD...
02/01/2009 Amazing Superbowl!
01/21/2009 I have received my first 100 views!
01/17/2009 New people have joined! And I have earned my first commissions!
01/17/2009 Offering free avatar/banner designs for those in my network.
01/16/2009 I have my first 3 members and am sharing tips exclusively.

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