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Hello CrummIes My name Is Sophia O'ClaIr,
I wanted to say to every one I love this site, I have met some great people here. It seems there are so many of you willing to go the extra mile to help any one with out any thought "of what Is In It for me syndrome" ! I love you all.
Now a little about me! My Daddy was a military man for 25 years so my place of birth was Birmingham, England. Until I was 18 we moved around frequently Germany, France, Philippines, USA . I met my late Husband In 1996 In France and married In 1997 . We moved to Santa Cruz, Ca. In late 1999 My Husband and Daddy was killed In an automobile accident by a drunk driver on Hwy 17 . Since than I have been single. My Mommy died of cancer In 2002 . From all of this I have learn to be as strong of a woman as one can be. I live life to the fullest and I don't take any thing than God gives for granted My family, Friends, Work or Pleasure. I have an older Brother and a Twin Sister that I love very much .
The things that make me happy are seeing children laugh and play, I love the silly things that Puppies and Kittens do. I fill content working in my garden. I would rather sleep in my sail boat than any where elce the rocking motion sooths me. It is fun to do construction projects except when you hit the wrong nail with the hammer. The colorful salt water tank fish are so beautiful, but the large ocean fish scare me. It is amazing to see the sea gulls dive for bread crumbs thrown into the air, but I don't truss them with my French Fries. I love the color of red especially when it is a fabulous dress on me, but I fill relax wearing earth tones. I fill sexy in high hills, but I would rather be bar footed on the beach. I use to be a junk food junky when I was a teenager but I try to stay on a healthy diet I still cant get away from salted French Fries "not fast food type" A clean sweaty man is sexy but I don't want to touch him

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Favorite Movies

Doc Hollywood
Groundhog Day
Yours, Mine and Ours
The Unisinkable Molly Brown
Danny Deck Chair
Back tho the Future
Forrest Gump
The Mummy
Crocodile Dundee
You Got Mail
Sleepless in Seattle
Son in Law
The Body Guard
My Cousin Vinny
Guarding Tess

Favorite TV Shows

Nija Warrior
Unbeatable Banzuke
Burn notice

Other Interests

Sun Bathing